The Big Sharer

Offer Start Date: 18th April 2023

Offer End Date: 31st August 2023

There ain’t no party like a Pizza Hut party! Especially with our biggest meal deal ever – the mighty, the epic, the incomparable: it’s The Big Sharer.

This colossus of a deal is designed to get the party started.

For just £39.99, you and your fav Pizza Pals can grab any Sharing Pan or Thin Pizza, 2x Sides, 2x Individual Desserts and Unlimited Salad.
the That’s a whole lot of slice for not a lot of wedge!

Why not make it an EVEN BIGGER SHARER? For just £49.99 you can get all of they above PLUS another sharing Pizza! More than enough to feed the whole family.

The Big Sharer